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Friday, January 12, 2007

200 angry whatevers

First, let us dispense with the daily kvetch:

My face is so chafed and worn from sneezing and nose blowing that it currently resembles a foot more than a face. Very painful. Am not sleeping, and now seem to be "almost sneezing" every five minutes (you know, where you almost sneeze, but then don't). Am so bored by it all.

Not impressed. Also, does not work at all on sidekick 2 (yet one more reason to buy an iphone, because clearly ineed an iphone. Anyway, stupid blogger 2 on the sidekick just kicks me to google, asks me to log in and then when I do it acts like I haven't and kicks me back to google again. am so bored by it all.

Close to 200 people (maybe 150, couldn't do journalistic head counting thing because I was too busy violently sneezing, which had the slight benefit of making people not want to sit near me). The person in charge of the juries, Jamie Bolling, proceeded, for close to two hours, to tell us what we need to know about serving on the jury for the First Judicial District. Here's my brief summary:

1. don't be late
2. don't not show up
3. don't ask to be excused, you won't be

Afterwards, the audience, I mean jury people, asked questions for about half an hour. Those were mostly the same questions over and over again:

1. what if I have a vacation scheduled?
2. what if I get sick
3. what if I have a nervous bladder

(And, for the record, I would hate to have a nervous bladder, but I really hope that if I do, someday, I don't announce it to the world).

After the intro I gave Bolling my letter from my boss to give to Judge Vigil requesting that I be excused. Since, apparently, no one is excused, I don't know what will happen. Except if feels very conflicty to have me on a jury or hanging around. We shall see.
Meanwhile, I'm just happy it's almost the weekend. I am going all gangbusta on the Emergen-C and waiting to feel better.
I'll be interested to see if how a statewide smoking ban fares in this states. Personally, the idea of smoking right this second isn't very appealing since I can't breathe, but the smoking ban has clearly been bad for the bars and I'd say it's been bad for the clubs but there aren't any clubs left. I also question whether there will ever be another club here, given the draconian attitude r.e. drinking and smoking. Santa Fe has gone through other club droughts (post club west, post club luna, post club chez what, post jacks, post drama club) but something always happened. will anything happen now?
And should I go get my antibiotic prescription filled? I kind of think this is just a bad cold. Why do they always give you antibiotics for everything?
Should I take them? Should I wait?
I don't want to contribute to evolutionary decline Like, I mean, that would totally suck.