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Monday, December 11, 2006

what a cold and unrainy day

10 things about a Monday

1. Am officially sick, a coughing "you look tired" kind of sick.
2. My friend Samia is officially the kind of friend you thank the heavens for. She just dropped off a care package of honey, tea, cough drops et. al, just as I was thinking to myself, "If only I had some honey, tea and cough drops."
3. Public Enemey was really great, and it was so freaking fun to see a band like that in a local club, packed to the gills, folks waiting online in the parking lot trying to get a ticket, watching Chuck D with an uninpeded view. Too bad there will be fewer and fewer chances for such shows as yet another club bites the dust.
4. But, still, PE was there and played lots of old stuff, and Flava Flave was as surreal as I thought he would be and Chuck D gave a shoutout to my friend Rocque Ranaldi and hugged him on stage and it was all pretty awesome.
5. My best friend, a native New Mexican now living in Alaska, is here for one night and one night only and I don't care if I am sick we are going to have fun!
6. sick julia X impatient julia (monday morning + busy issue) = hell on earth
7. This recent history of conflicts at the Railyard is pretty unfortunate. The entire history of conflicts over the future of the Railyard is quite amazing. It must be hitting 20 years already.
8. Finally tooled around, over the weekend, the San Isidro development area. Heard a rumor a PF Changs might go in there. It's kind of amazing how much growth is happening in SF right now, especially on the southside, but downtown as well. In a few years, this city is going to be a very different place. In some places, it's going to look like everywhere else.
9. How long until Santa Fe bans trans fats?"
10. 10 is a really random number. Um, yeah, gotta go read morning papers while it's still morning.