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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

wexford falls

Dan Frosch's five-month investigation into Wexford Health Sources reaches a high point today, with our exclusive report that the governor is pulling Wexford's contract. As of yet, the rest of the media has yet to even talk about Wexford, even when our reporting led the legislature to approve an audit of Wexford and the Department of Corrections. We'll see what they do now. Joe kindly credited us, but I'm sure if the new mex and the journal can find a way to report the governor is pulling the contract without mentioning us (even though the governor told us our series was the reason), they will do so. And then I will declare a jihad!
Also, still no word from the AG about our complaint against Corrections for violations of the Open Records Act. As my faithful readers may recall, the AG has basically blown off this complaint because I guess violations of the law aren't as important as, um, well, other stuff. Even though it's now quite clear that "shit ain't right" (I'm quoting myself) in the land of Corrections. I wonder why the AG isn't more concerned? Hey! Maybe we'll look into that next. Whadaya think?