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Monday, December 04, 2006

paint it white

I don't feel like writing so much, so instead I am futzing. Have received comments saying the turquoiseish background on the blog was hard to read, so I've just gone white. Whadaya think? Too plain? Better? I can't quite tell.
As long as you're giving me commentary, I'd also like feedback on what you think would be good for the future of SFR's web site. You know, in an ideal world.
What else?
Um, it's freaking cold out, in case you're not here, or noticing. On Nov. 12, I started a new morning regime of 200 situps, 100 jumping jacks and running for half an hour with the dogs. This has been quite unpleasant in the single digit temperaturess, but I persevere!
Tonight, after work, I'm going to the gov's holiday media cocktail reception thingie. I wonder if this is all an elaborate sting operation. Get us liquored up and then have state cops posted at the exit of the mansion to breathalyze us. Anyway, I don't plan on drinking. Much. Perhaps I will just break into song.
Speaking of which, thanks to my blog readers for all the birthday wishes. I had a very birthday, which culminated with Dan Frosch and I doing a duet of Foreigner's Urgent

I know you're sorry you missed that.
Finally, I have finally set up a my space page for The Reporter, but it's quite nascent and we only have 11 friends. So if you're on myspace, let me know so we can be friends!