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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


With about five minute to spare, I got everything done in preparation for my speaking engagement, this evening at CSF. I had intended to use the students as guinea pigs for a presentation I'm giving in DC in February, but that was, apparently, slightly overambitious. Anyway, I'm ready... except I forgot to change clothes when I went home at lunch to take care of the dogs, which means I am still wearing my "Hello Kitty Rocks" T-shirt. In my defense, Sonya gave me this shirt on her recent visit; she had bought it for her 18-year-old niece but forgot to give it to her. And, yes, it's my second Hello Kitty T-shirt but, again, I didn't buy either of them. They were given to me. Because I'm, like, so mature. Anyway, it's the last class of the semester, I sincerely doubt anyone cares what I'm wearing. Or what I'm going to say, for that matter.