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Friday, December 29, 2006

hello blizzard

I have been messing around with the blogger 2 template, using my test blog to, um, test stuff. It's a good thing, too, because so far the only thing I've made is a mess.
Speaking of mess, it really is one out there. The boy drove me into work in his classic Mercedes, and then promptly, after dropping me off, apparently almost "died" getting home. (The boy sometimes exagerates, although the rest of the time he is rather under-stated, so who knows). Anyway, he's at my pad with the dogs (the youngest of which, this morning, did not seem to understand why we were on a walk without the tennis ball, and apparently doesn't know enough English to understand the sentence "If I threw the tennis ball right now you'd never find it."). My friend Samia is picking me up when we close (hopefully by 3 so that we don't all have to sleep here). Samia claims it is fun to drive in this kind of weather. Thank goodness for nutty friends with 4 wheel drive. My car wouldn't make it out of the driveway at this point. I really may have to bite the bullet one of these days and get a car that can deal with the weather.
I realize the blog has been lackluster for the holidays, but I've been mostly not here and when I have been here, I have been trying to get the next paper out despite the fact that there is almost no one we can get on the phone today (city, state, county, courts, all appear to be out today). Perhaps that's why the Journal ran a story on people who love eggnog and are sad when it's gone. Slow news day! It really is. The big story right now is the weather, but it will probably be melted by the time we publish again on Jan. 3, so we're kind of in stalker mode right now looking for folks to talk to. And then it's home, knitting, movies, boy, dogs and food. Well, whatever food is already there...the boy mentioned something about buying spaghetti at Alsups, but I went spontaneously deaf when he said it.

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