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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Am having one of those weeks where time seems to have simulataneously sped up and slowed down. So, for example, it's already 2:15 and I'm behind on everything I have to do, while at the same time it's ridiculous that it's only Thursday because I swear to God I've worked 80 hours already. Plus, my head hurts.
whine whine whine
I'm visiting a college class next week and now am reading college student journalism articles. And, tomorrow night is SFR's staff holiday party AND the public enemy show. Yes!
OK, I admit it, I've been blogging less because I've been futzing with our our my space page. Seriously, if the Internet is our future then the future is basically going to be all about WASTING TIME.
I did have a nasty phone call this morning from a man who objected to our use of the phrases "resident genius" and "peacenik" in our listings section. When I told him I didn't understand why he was upset, he called me "hopeless" and hung up on me. Isn't that charming? It's interesting to me how many people are walking around who think it's OK to be constantly pissed off, demanding that things only be the way they want it, and hanging up on people, making anonymous calls etc., and yet convinced that they are in the right. Is that a good way to live?
I will say, he sounded pretty old. All the angry ones sound old.
Which is why I say, stay immature. It keeps you cheerful. Relatively, anyway.