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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


We are in our final stretch for our final issue of 2006. This is our end of the year double issue, on the streets until Jan. 2, and our office is closed for a week! I am reacting to this imminent vacation with mild hysteria, manifesting by constant, almost involuntarily, singing of Christmas carols. *
Many of my homies are leaving town in the next day or so; even the unemployed people I know are going on vacation (from what I'm not entirely clear). But I am staying in Santa Fe, because my idea of a vacation is not battling a huge snowstorm so that I can sit on an airplane and catch hantavirus or some other airborn disease *
Rather, I shall stay here and chill out, drink eggnog *, watch movies, knit stuff, kick it with the boy and the dogs and be, as much as possible, a complete slug.
I do plan to blog a bit, although there is a chance I will have nothing to say. *
Speaking of the blizzard (which I was a few sentence ago): Where is it at? The rest of the state is getting socked in and it's basically sunny here. I feel robbed! I want to wake up tomorrow to 2 feet of snow and NOT HAVE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.
Oh, if you haven't already, check out Joe's behind the scenes dish on Lujan's retention of the speaker seat. Now that's a blog entry! Unlike yours truly's blathering.
So, I'm out of here soon. Gonna drop off the donations we collected for Esperanza on my way home and start my holiday right—with a well-deserved cocktail (I ain't driving Guv, I swear).
Until we meet again—!

* This is one of my quirks, a strange love of Christmas carols and a tendency to substitute the actual lyrics with ones of my own. "Jack Frost nipping at your knees" etc. etc.
* I realize hantavirus is not an airborne disease; I am sacrificing accuracy for hyperbole.
* or some other cocktail that isn't revolting.
* we can dream, right?