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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

so much for relaxing

I always forget (possibly in the way that women forget the pain of childbirth) the absurdity of this time of year, where suddenly we are racing through holidays, two gift guides, the writing contest issue and the double issue at the end of the year, with our eyes focused on Dec. 20, the day we publish our double issue and I get (gasp) an entire week off (which will go too quickly and will likely include a lot random sleeping and overpriced cocktails.)
Meanwhile, this week's issue is done, the wind is blowing madly and I think I just told the boy I didn't want sushi, I just wanted to lie down and not speak. Gosh I'm a fun gal. Today already has been too long. Just think, 12 hours ago I was doing 200 crunches and 100 jumping jacks. I seriously have got to look into becoming some kind of trust-fund dilettante (sp?) international party girl one of these days. One of these days!
On the bright side, tomorrow I've got a date with three fellow girlie knitters at St. Francis. I think some female bonding will be just the ticket. Also, pretty sure there's one of those overpriced cocktails coming my way. But for now, I think I'll brave Agua Fria and head home. And I will point my intentions toward a more newsy post tomorrow. Oh, I will mention that AAN redesigned its web site and put up a post about our NM Press awards, so that was cool. I'm going, it seems, to DC in February to be a presenter and attendee at AAN's Regional conference. Oh, and going to CSF in a few weeks to speak to a journalism class there as well. I always find such things nervewracking/nauseau (sp?) inducing, but once my mouth opens things usually go fine. That sounds weird. Well, you know what I mean...hopefully.