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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a post 19-hour day reflection post

The 19-hour day was yesterday. It started at 4 am with me mindf***ing about the endorsements and then going to work to finally finish them. Plus, we were on deadline with the whole paper and deadline day went seamlessly (ish) straight into our Halloween Party (hence photo above, courtesy of Teri Nolan) The boy: once again playing the governor's security; me, an ice princess, versus the evil princess I was last Saturday).
The party was a success in that there were so many people there you couldn't move. Then I went home and slept very hard for at least seven hours. Or maybe like 61/2. Tonight I would chill but it's Donnan's last night in town so that won't fly. But things are much more relaxed, which is kind of strange given that we started in this morning on an 88 page winter guide, which normally would be huge and scary. But somehow articles about hot chocolate are a little easier to deal with after the political endorsements.