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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

morning snippiness

This headline blows.
Yes, dog can be a verb, but I just did a random sampling in my office and every person misread the headline the first time (granted, we're not caffeinated enough yet). I might have gone with "nag" myself. Also not sure on the "PDPD" schematic here. Alliterative? Perhaps. But "problems" is such a sucko word.
Actually, much of the front page of the JNorth today seems a little odd. LANL Abuzz Over Its Bees has, again, good alliteration (albeit predictable) but "over"? C'mon.
Gallery Windows Downtown Tagged? Would that be Downtown Gallery Windows Tagged? "Rail Runner Runs Into Opposition"—Rail Runner Runs? Who's editing this thing: Dr. Seuss?
Oh well, guess I better go write some headlines of my own. I am now fated, I suppose, to make a stupid mistake.
Bloody hell I wish someone would bring me some coffee.