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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

it's over—not so much

The First CD race continues to hang, but I have the feeling Wilson will pull it out. I also anticipate it will end up in court, but perhaps not. I went to sleep while Madrid was still ahead, but I still had the feeling I'd wake up and Wilson would be leading... and I was right.
Hats off to Joe and company for their coverage last night. It was, far and away, the best political coverage of the night and, in fact, I grew so frustrated with the TV news that I ended up driving around so I could listen to Joe on the radio. Note to self: perhaps a radio in the house would be a good investment?
I'm waiting for Dan & Nate to arrive; they went to the big parties in Albuquerque last night and are supposed to get a story in this morning for the Web site.
I was surprised by Lyons easy win over Jim Baca. I mean, it wasn't quite a trouncing but I expected it to be closer and I thought Baca might pull it out.
Trouncing is the right word for Green David Bacon's defeat in the PRC race by Dem Carol Sloan. I was sorry to see this race wasn't more competitive. It sounds like the Greens are attributing this to straight-party voting…I'm a little too sleepy to figure out if that is true. It seems like candidates such as Lorenzo Garcia must have pulled some Dems, because he was pretty competitive. I think one thing that Garcia and Bacon's races show is that newspaper endorsements may not be very influential with most voters because, if I'm not mistaken, both candidates got the lion's share, if not all, of the endorsements in their races and in the end it didn't help. Or didn't help enough, at any rate.
But, of course, whatever happens in NM with CD 1, it won't change the change of power in the House. And I think we're all just waiting now to see the outcome for the Senate.
Times, they are changing.
Except here in NM... not so much really.