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Thursday, November 30, 2006

girly girl

I kind of freaked out this morning and refused to drive to work. First, on the way home last night, the roads were complete ice and some jackass in an oversized "look at me, look at me, I have a penis" truck pulled out in front of me, I skidded and missed hitting him by about an inch. Also, my particular Agua Fria Road was a sheet of ice this morning, complete with a big truck that had skidded in the middle of the road, stopped and was abandoned by its owner.
So the boy picked me up in a colleague's truck and drove me down Agua Fria, which appeared to have been completely ignored, as did most of the streets we encountered. Seriously, do they have road crews anymore? Or is the city just too busy firing the city manager to bother with the basics anymore? (Really, if there's anything more annoying than city councilors making impassioned speeches to justify their own personality-driven political bullshit, I'd like to know what it is).
So now the snow is melting, and I'm supposed to go to Albuquerque tonight for Talib Kweli but I'm anxious because half the people I talk to say I-25 will be icy in parts and the other half (those being the ones who want to go to Abq., say they don't think it will be bad). I am not good at driving on ice; my car sucks and, as I learned last night, apparently my HORN doesn't work. I'm really looking forward to taking my car in and bitching. But not today (because I don't have it).
And not tomorrow, because it's my birthday and I'm not spending it in an auto shop.
Nor will I be spending it here!
That's right folks, I'm taking off and ageing in peace!