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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

counting elephants, I mean donkeys, I mean sheep

I guess the Wilson/Madrid count won't be done until Friday. It's becoming very unsatisfying to be a NM voter. We are alway so important in the leadup to national elections: we're a swing state, we've got a hotly contested race etc. etc. Then the elections come and go, everything gets decided, and it takes us half a week to even finish counting!
Meanwhile, an interesting take on the Huffington Post about the Wilson race, but the most interesting part is the bizarre comments at the bottom from someone claiming to be Patricia Madrid's sister. Tres bizarre.
Anyway, in other parts of the country, our reality of ballot counting in a warehouse in Bernalillo 'til Friday is but mere formality, they say Wilson won so maybe she did (and life is but a dream?). I jest, but aside from disagreeing that Wilson ran a "flawless campaign," I did find some very lively and interesting and smart commentary at Reason.
OK, think Safari is about to crash, better jet.