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Friday, November 24, 2006

black friday

Black Friday, as it does each year, fills me with a sense of happily-alienated wonder. I just can't imagine lining up outside a store, knowing it will be mobbed, to shop. Granted, I'm probably overly suspicious of any kind of group activity, but this one really baffles me. I will be curious to see if, in the coming years, any life events unfold such that I suddenly become someone for whom standing on line in the dark, in the cold, to buy some piece of plastic seems like a good idea.
Is this what happens when people have children?
At any rate, no shopping for me today. Just working on the paper and waiting to go home. Tomorrow night is AID n Comfort. Yesterday, the boy and I boycotted the big holiday feast in favor of staying in most of the day watching movies and eating too many carbs. It was lovely.