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Monday, October 02, 2006

zees und zat

Gotta love it that there's a post about Dan's water story on The New Mexican's web site along with reader comments. Seems like that would earn someone a reprimand. You can read the original story by Dan that includes the top 10 residential and commercial water users of last summer in it, along with other various water users' use. Including mine, which is weirdly low. I will say that I am the fastest showerer in the world, not that such a thing is really the kind of thing one should boast about.
Steve's got the link to the new mex story about the possible buyout of KBAC by a Christian radio statino. I also heard this, on Saturday, but the story I heard is that it's a done deal and that KBAC will be a Christian station by the end of the year. I will go out on a limb and guess that means my Thursday morning chats with Honey Harris will be coming to a close, since I don't think Christian radio probably has all that much need for a segment featuring a Jew and a Lesbian (me and Honey, respectively). But who knows? (Actually I know; that ain't gonna happen). We've taken several shots at KBAC over the years for billing itself as "Radio Free Santa Fe" when, ya know, it's the Big Bully, but despite all that, I really like the folks over there, and I admire them for building that station as well as they have and I'm gonna miss it. I think this could mean GREAT things for Indie 101.5, which I continue to really, really like, ESPECIALLY because my friend, DJ Rocque Ranaldi, is coming back on the air this Friday on Indie, and you know that's going to be awesome.
OK, I need to go try to find the reporting SFR did on the 1980 prison riot for one of my reporters. Needless to say, the fact that we have no index and that I was, um, about 3 years old in 1980 should make this a wonderful task. (I will say that I am weirdly good at finding old articles in our bound volumes, and I suppose if I look in 1980 I should be able to turn something up, so it's really not as hard as it sounds.
Oh, on the political front, the political endorsements are proceeding slowly, due to what feels like endless rescheduling on the part of the candidates. So far we've seen: Ron Dolin, Mary Herrera, Sue Wilson Befford, Lorenzo Garcia and Hector Balderas. So five down and 7,000 to go or something like that.