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Sunday, October 29, 2006

trick or treat?

Had a fun time last night at Beaux Arts and a great time Friday night at Mikey Baker's Love Gun/Moby Dick show at Alegria. One more Halloween event to go: SFR's party Tuesday night, from 7 to 10, at Vanessie's. Meanwhile, I have been here, at work, all day, working still on these freaking endorsements. It shouldn't be that difficult, but at some point trying to write midly cogent arguments for 10 races and four constitutional amendments and five bond questions and four retention races. Well, you get the point. My brain is not a happy brain right now.
So I'll get back to it and leave you with some photos from last night's fun at Beaux Arts. These photos are all courtesy of friend and photographer Darius! Darius and my boy dressed up as Gov. Bill Richardson's security detail. Dan was the governor. Emily and Sandra were... well, I don't know, hot ladies basically. I was an evil princess, but, ya know, I don't really look all that evil (which is weird cuz I certainly feel evil!). Dan, I mean the gov, also ended up judging the costume contest. Not sure how that happened. I was on line for the bathroom and when I came back he and his security detail were on stage.
Oh, before I forget: Dan won first place in investigative reporting in the NM Press Association contest and Nate won first for features and news writing! Yahoo.