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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

sitting by the phone

It's never a good sign for a girl to be waiting for a phone to ring. Well, this girl spends quite a lot of time waiting for phones to ring and it's always for work. As editor, one spends less time waiting for phones to ring than as a reporter, but today has been one of those waiting for the phone to ring kind of days. I know if I were to walk outside around the block, it would probably ring, so I'm not moving from my desk because I really need this one call so I can cross at least one thing off the to-do list for today. Maybe I'll kill time by making my to-do list for tomorrow:

To Do List Tomorrow:
Thursday 9 am: guest on Honey's show on KBAC.
10 am: Staff meeting
11 am: Interview subject for SFR Talk.
Lunch: Go home, nurture old dogs.
1-3: Work on cover story, call someone to interview for Pick, write pick
3:30: Endorsement Interviews
4:30: go back to work on cover story, SFR pick
Take home: Endorsement files, tapes, constitutional amendments, bond info to review and read on stationary bike at gym.
11 pm-6 am: Sleep in half-hour increments. Have freaky dreams, wake up, drink four shots of espresso in a coffee cup with some milk and pretend it's a cup of coffee.

Friday: Repeat, except substitute a cocktail at a bar for the stationary bike at the gym.

Snapped from her list-making by the sound of the bleating phone, she knocks over her germ blaster hand sanitizer and several stacks of old papers to grab the phone, the cord of which is so twisted, she can barely make the receiver reach her trembling mouth.
Heart in throat, she squeaks, "This is Julia," and thinks to herself: "This could be the call!' And then she thinks to herself, "You are a workaholic freak.'
Heart sinks as PR person chirps into ear.
OK, am going to stop being disassociative weirdo and go back to work/waiting now.