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Friday, October 06, 2006

An SF preview/my sorry radio career/political odds and ends/the weekend


Because SFR was a cosponsor, the boy and I attended the Santa Fe premiere of Employee of the Month, which was, expectedly, pretty inane although not quite as bad as I was expecting. Basically, the scene is a super store (Sam's Club) in which Dane Cook is a lowly box boy, Simpson is a cashier who allegedly likes to sleep with the Employee of the Month and Dax Shepard is the employee of the month. Hijinks ensue as Zack (Dane Cook) decides to become the employee of the month so he can get in Simpson's pants (or blouse, as the case may be) only to learn that 1. doing even a crappy job well makes you feel good 2. corporate America will reward hard work and behind even the largest corporation there are ordinary people who just want to be happy 3. getting ahead by stepping on other people is wrong.
These lessons add up to a feel good movie, although one does have to suspend one's entire IQ to actually feel good. The reason we went, of course, was the movie was filmed in Santa Fe and we wanted to see how much Santa Fe there was (not that much). KBAC DJ Honey Harris' house was the set for the box boy's house. Needless to say, an actual superstore box boy living in Santa Fe would be more likely to actually live in a box than in the south capital district but, hey, that's hollywood.

So first we get the word that KBAC is probably going to be sold to a Christian radio station, which is sad news for me since I'm on KBAC every Thursday morning with Honey Harris. Then, 106.3 gets turned into a spanish music radio station. I was on 106.3, The New Talk, on Wednesday mornings, filling in Larry Ahrens on the Santa Fe Reporter news scene. So what do these two radio stations have in common? Well, they are both radio stations, and they both had me as a weekly guest. Apparently, I am the kiss of death for radio. No, no, I'm sure my 10 minutes a week had nothing to do with any of this. Still, it's a pretty crazy business! Whatever else happens at SFR, I'm pretty confident I won't come into work on Monday and find out SFR is now a Christian newspaper and my services are no longer needed. True, there's no such thing as security, but these radio gigs really take that kind of far. Anyway, here's Dennis' very nice tribute to The New Talk, and here's The Trib's take on why The New Talk failed and here's Peter's (the former morning producer for The New Talk) response to that column. Wow, that's a lot of talk sending off The Talk. As for KBAC, stay tuned, yes?
Finally, in the radio news, a reminder that DJ Rocque Ranaldi is back on the air Fridays, starting tonight, at 6 pm, on Indie101.5, bringing the funk. So tune in, yo.

One of the big dogfights of this election season has turned out to be the state land commissioner race between former land commissioner Jim Baca and current land commissioner Pat Lyons. Unlike the many state races that seem pointlessly partisan (I'm thinking of the state auditor's race, where I can't quite figure out why it matters if the state auditor is a democrat or a republican), this is a race where you really do have competing philosophies and politics about land use. Not to mention a lot of accusations and name calling. They've both been in this week for their endorsement interviews. So that's one race down and, um, well, many to go. John Dendahl was supposed to be in today, but he needed to reschedule after the horrific beating of his spokeswoman, which I gather is unrelated to the campaign, but is really just sickening.

In an attempt to wipe out the memory of Employee of the Month (actually it wasn't THAT bad, just mindless, and I'm not much of a cinema snob. The last movie I saw, before Employee of the Month, was this one, which was about zombies. And the movie I had seen prior to that was also about zombies, so...), the boy and I are probably going to see The Departed tonight and possibly head over to High Mayhem tomorrow.
If I don't make it back here before the end of the day, have a great weekend y'all.