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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This is the growing pile of tapes from the political endorsement interviews.
My brain hurts.
Had the governor in today for his endorsement interview. It went pretty well, I think. My favorite thing when the governor comes in is that his security detail (well, one guy) comes half an hour early, scopes the building and waits. I don't know why I think that's funny. Possibly because my brain hurts. Anyway, I will be excessively happy when all these interviews are done. It's kind of like adding a part-time job to my already more-than-full time job. I am SO ready for human cloning.
I am glad police are cracking down on pedestrian laws, since crossing the street in SF can sometimes be kind of harrowing. I think the quote about drivers not paying attention because they are on their cell phones is sort of amusing. Didn't they ban driving with cell phones? So many, many laws lately. Trying to be law-abiding is becoming another full-time job. I will say that ever since I made my vow to stop speeding, life has been a bit easier. I don't get pulled over constantly, for one thing. I also have been attempting to come to full stops at stop signs and, in general, obey traffic laws. The weird thing is that when I used to ignore traffic laws, I always thought every one else was driving really slowly. Now that I'm driving REALLY SLOWLY (and believe me, it hurts, it hurts to drive 25 miles an hour in a sports car. I should trade it in and get a horse and buggy) it seems like everywhere I go people are passing me, tailgating me, blowing through stop signs etc. Isn't it interesting how different our perceptions are depending on our own behavior? No, Julia, it's NOT INTERESTING AT ALL.
In other non-news, I had a nice time at the Pink Bootathon, though I've yet to hear how they did raising money. I like Alegria, but it's kind of hard to get a headcount in there. Even when the parking lot is full, it can seem not that full inside because it's so big. I hope they succeed. I like having a club near my house. I wish there were some concerts coming up that I was excited about. I wish I wasn't so freaking sleepy. My mother was here all last week and as soon as she left I got a cold, which was then made worse (I think) by babysitting (for half an hour) a 5 year old who also was sick. And, no, I am not available for babysitting. This was a close friend's child. Also, I'm not a very good babysitter, competely ineffectual.
Back to the elections, Joe's report today gives the impression that Heather Wilson is going to lose to Patricia Madrid. Why don't I believe this? Well, maybe because it hasn't happened yet. Or maybe because I never believe that polls can predict elections. Or maybe because I'm so used to Republicans ruling all the branches of the federal government that I've grown dead inside. Anyway, The San Francisco Chronicle says NM's first congressional race reflects what's going on in the rest of the country, in terms of Republicans being on shaky grounds now that everybody is sick of the war in Iraq. And here's The Times update on all the battleground states, as they call them. This entire political season has been really disheartening, unbelievably negative, all around.
David Bacon just stopped by to ask me if we would be covering his race. I told him he should never just stop by on a deadline day, and he said he didn't realize we were on deadline, because ordinary citizens don't know that sort of thing. I told him if he's running for office he's a politician, not an ordinary citizen, and we both laughed. Bacon really isn't much of a political animal, in my experience. When he ran for governor four years ago... four years ago? We asked him, in his endorsement interview, a hypothetical question that began: "If you were governor..." and he said: "If I was governor?" in this really surprised voice as if he'd forgotten why we were all there asking him questions in the first place. Anyway, I told David the truth, which was that the reason we hadn't scheduled anything on the PRC race is that I was under the erroneous belief that only District 3 held any of Santa Fe. (This misapprehension ended a month ago, but we're so busy dealing with the current schedule that I haven't done anything about the PRC race). Guess I better get on it. And today the lt. governor had to reschedule her endorsement interview. It's really a scheduling nightmare. Maybe in 2008 we can do all of this by web cam?
Or there's always that cloning idea again.