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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

endorsement interviews done/ the writing begins

OK, don't want to be total lame blogger, but also don't want to use blog solely for endless complaining so...
I'm working at home tomorrow on the endorsements. It's slightly difficult to have uninterrupted writing time in my office, between the phone and visits. Also, the New Mex is tearing down its building and there are jackhammers outside my window all day.
We had our meeting this morning and decided on all our picks for the '06 election EXCEPT for state auditor, which is still up in the air, so if you have strong feelings, feel free to try to convince me.
Meanwhile, in that tiny space I think of as my "personal life," I am attending a going away party tonight for my friend Donnan, who is moving to San Francisco and says he'll come back here when he retires. I'm getting pretty sick of people leaving town.
Also, check out Dan's story today, the latest in his many month series on prison health care. Legislators are now requesting an audit of the prison health care system, solely in response to these stories.
Have other media picked up on this yet? No, they haven't, probably because they would have to give us credit for it. Or possibly because no one cares about prison health care. Ya know, until they are in prison. We aren't done reporting on this yet.
Also, if you are a political candidate reading this, I have a bone to pick with (almost) all of you. Hire people who understand how large photos need to be to be reproduced in the paper. Hire people who know how to email large photos, who understand how to figure out how large a digital photo is. Seriously.
Oh, the photo in today's post? Staff writer Nate just got back from Italy and brought me a bottle of wine. I've propped it next to my election file I'm taking home. Please note the self restraint that has kept me from drinking this wine immediately.