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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

why won't the gov debate?

Dennis Domrzalski has launched a blog! Welcome to Blogistan, Dennis, we sure are glad to have you. Dennis, as I'm sure my loyal 50 readers know, is an awesome journalist and writer and he ain't afraid to say what he means (unlike some of us who have been self-censoring for about a decade; yes, believe it or not, even the worse things I say aren't half as bad as what I think. Sorry, girl's gotta eat).
Anyway, Dennis is calling out Gov. Richardson for refusing to debate John Dendahl. And Mario is challenging the gov to debate him..
Now, while I agree with all of the above that refusing to debate 'cuz you know you're gonna win and thus what's the point is pretty lame. It's also a well-established technique in New Mexico politics ala Emilio Naranjo. More recently, I don't recall Pete Domenici being willing to debate Tristani during his last run either. I think the winner's view is: why help my flailing opponent get more recognition and/or support? It's not classy…although unclassy political movidas ain't exactly shocking these days.