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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Here's what I wrote about Zozobra last year.
No, no, not really. This morning I dropped off the box of glooms we collected at our offices to KBAC, which will deliver them into the belly, um mouth, something of the beast (Zozobra). Barring a torrential downpour, I will make my way to the field tonight. But if it rains like it did yesterday after work, I may need a Plan B. The boy seems to think Plan B should consist of us getting an umbrella, but he's also had the misfortune of being stuck with me in the cold and rain for hours and knows how whiney I get, so chances are I'll get to make the final call on all this.
Meanwhiles, it's getting mighty crowded downtown here. Gates open in two hours! Happy Zozobra. See you there, I bet.