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Friday, September 15, 2006

salad days

Birdy (my departing copyeditor who is leaving us for Texas next week) is obsessively updating me on this story about the ecoli and the spinach and is convinced this is a terrorist act. I am feeling smug and saying things like, "this is why I hate food." In truth, before the boy took my eating into his own hands last night, I hadn't had a vegetable in weeks so I think I'm safe from ecoli at the moment. But, then, tomorrow is another day.
And what will tomorrow bring? Not sure. The vet told me today, in regards to Kita, to "enjoy each day," which is good advice. Good advice for someone else, anyway. I'm not all that great with the "live in the moment" stuff and am, generally speaking, suspicious of those who embrace eastern ways since they are usually the least easternish of all, but the upside of complete exhaustion, I'm finding, is a lack of judgement about such things. Besides which, "enjoy each day" is much better than saying "you're dog could die at any moment."
I'm probably in denial, but I just don't believe it. At any rate, I'm doing my best to spoil her and not freak out. Am actually nowhere near freaking out. Maybe I am living in the moment and I don't even know it. Did that rhythme? Am I freaking out?
Ahem! ANYWAY, Kita's bloodwork will be back on Monday, so we'll see how she's doing kidneywise. She's got cataracts, the vet says, and it looks like neurological damage in her back end. And yet, she's still wanting to do everything: walk, eat, be petted (that's about all my dogs do, they're not particularly hardworking) so I'll take each day I guess.
Tonight I'm going to a gym opening (don't ask) and then who knows. The boy and I were talking about going somewhere where one can drink and smoke simultaneously (somewhere not in the city, that is) and then, who knows. Was contemplating Lou Reed this weekend, but can't quite commit to anything beyond tonight. Is it Zen or is it complete fatigue? Who can say?
Meanwhile, next week will include many farewell thingies for Bird. Which will be sad, sad, sad.
Well, must go edit something, being the edimatrix and all; it's my job, right? You know, that and spreading chutzpah. Ah, to be a character in the drama of another. As long as it's someone else's drama, it's a'ight by me.
PS: Appear to be recovering from flu but to have shared it with everyone in my path. The boy, to his credit, got sick for about an hour versus the many days of sickness everyone else has had. Cuz they make them tough in Pittsburgh.