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Thursday, September 14, 2006

adios armijo

I find myself wishing Jeff Armijo had stayed in the auditor's race. Not because I think he would have made a good auditor. As I wrote before, our primary election endorsement interviews with him left me with the impression that he wasn't particularly well qualified, but I think people should have been given the chance to vote. If voters want to vote for a Democrat with Armijo's baggage, then let them. That's kind of the nature of the beast. The Democrats looked as though they were afraid a candidate like Armijo would lose them a seat to the Republicans, but I think what's more scary is that it probably wouldn't have. Well, now we'll never know. The question is whether Hector Balderas will suffer for having been chosen vs. elected to run for this seat. If it were 8 years ago, a Green could jump in and do something with this race, but those days are over: Balderas isn't Eric Serna, The Greens aren't a major party in New Mexico and the Republicans probably have their hands full with the Heather Wilson/Patricia Madrid race.
Speaking of which, if you're a New Mexico political blogging junky, you won't want to miss Mario pulling out the stops on Joe.
Speaking of missing, I think the major media is missing the boat by ignoring Dan Frosch's ongoing reporting on the private prison health care here in the state. I tried to get the AP interested in our reporting on this, but no dice. I'm not saying they're ignoring us because a certain AP reporter is married to a certain daily reporter who blew off this story and is now trying to play catch up (or so I've heard) but then again, stranger things have happened in this little town of ours, right?
Time will tell, my friends. Time will tell.