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Friday, August 11, 2006

the war on personal hygiene

I set off yesterday, at 6:30 am, for the airport, feeling smugly ready for my trip. Being a competent traveler is a slightly juvenile thing to feel smug about, but there you have it. Then I switched on NPR only to learn that the war on terrorism had taken a new twist and travelers should expect to be unable to bring aboard shampoos, perfumes and other liquids.
Those of you who know me know that I am ALL ABOUT bath products. And one of the things I feel smug about, when travelling, is how efficiently I pack my lotions, sprays, roll-on perfumes, shampoos etc. Well that efficiency served me well, I suppose, as it made it easy to locate and leave all said items in my car.
I did not leave my deoderant, however, as no one mentioned deoderant on NPR (a sentence I hope not to have to write again anytime soon) and, to my way fo thinking at the time (and currently) deoderant isn't really a liquid or a gell. Actually I don't know what the hell deoderant is. I do know that my deoderant was new and unopened, it even had a sticker on it to show me, the consumer, that it had not been tampered on. The security at the airport was unimpressed by the sticker, however, and took it. They did not take my lipstick or foundation mousse, however. It was early in the morning so perhaps lipstick hadn't made it onto anyone's radar as a potential weapon of mass destruction.
I had many more pithy thoughts such as these, but by the time I arrived here, tired but relieved, I had a phone call from home that my 14-year-old dog had gotten horribly ill and needed to be rushed to the emergency vet hospital, so thus far most of my time in Evnaston has consisted of talking on the phone to vets, Peter (who is taking care of the dogs), the boy (who is helping Peter get the dog to and from vets). In other words, not having the greatest weekend, and now have to face the reality that when I fly home on Sunday my smugness will be no more.
A. The early flight I booked (because it's always best to get an early start) will be really freaking early because we'll have to get to the airport in Chciago about three hours early.
B. The lipstick I made it here with will have to be checked in luggage and
C. I never check luggage (another thing I like to feel smug about) because I like to get on and off as quickly as possible but that won't be possible
D. And wouldn't be possible anyway because I'll be travelling back with Jonanna who always checks luggage.
As long as my sweet dog is OK I don't give a shit about any of the rest of it: the lines, the deoderant, the 3 am wakeup call. I just want her to be OK.
Although coming home to a $700 vet bill not exactly my idea of a good time either.
Guess I won't be taking a vaca anytime soon.
Not that flying is looking too appealing these days.

Sacrificing personal hygiene and personal smugness for my country and signing off from the mid-west.