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Thursday, August 24, 2006

life is hell

Am operating on the if you can't say something nice, don't blog maxim. Actually, I'm just so very brain dead and stressed out I don't have any thoughts, except stream of consciousness ones, like:

must sleep need money is it raining? must sleep money good raining? coffee drink coffee

On another note, I find this annoying. I mean, I don't have money to buy it, but I don't want anyone else to either! Harumph!
We're in the middle of Fall Guide and at the start of Restaurant Guide. The sunflowers are so pretty this time of year. Must take pictures this weekend.
Our cover story this week on Hurricane Katrina raises some interesting points, I think. I guess today FEMA turned down Gov. Richardson's request for disaster declarations in the southern part of the state. He's going to appeal. There's obviously going to be a whole lot of Katrina coverage coming up, but I enjoyed this story from David Lee Simmons, and you'll find lots more from the on the one-year anniversary at AltWeeklies.
I visited with the AG's Office yesterday for a story I'll be writing as soon as I clear my desk (or, perhaps before that since I am probably never going to actually clear my desk).
My ipod is starting to go.
And, a little later than I should, I want to link to sometimes-SFR writer Silja JA Talvi's latest in In These Times, a very interesting article on the narcissism of our times.
Amen sister.