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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the good, the bad and the pending trip

Sorry for the lapse. I've been obsessing over how much I loved Dave Chappelle's Block Party and how much I wish I'd seen it, like 10 times, in the theater. It was SOOO good. You must see it. And I must buy it.
Miami Vice, on the other hand, was just so boring I couldn't believe it. I had to go online, on my phone, during the movie to see how long it was in order to decide whether I'd make it through. Why was it so damn boring?
It made Miami look kinda fun, though. I mean, at least it looked sunny. Unlike other places, ahem, which allegedly get 300 plus days of sunshine, but lately, not so much.
Truth be told, I'm enjoying our weird, wet summer, although the constant cloudiness, raining, thunder, humidity is a bit disoncerting AND I'm covered in mosquito bites AND clearly going to come down with West Nile Virus at any moment.
Hopefully not before I make it succesfully to Chicago and back for the Medill Writers Workshop, which I am both attending and working at—although I think the scale has tipped more toward working than attending at this point (I'm on a panel, making a guest appearance at another panel, critiquing the work of four writers and attending the AAN Editorial Committee—of which I'm a member—meeting). On the other hand, there's an Urban Outfitters a few blocks from the hotel and Julia needs a new pair of shoes (figuratively speaking. What I really need is a new pair of jeans).
So I'll try to blog from Evanston, Illinois, a town I have found to be a little, um, collegiate for my taste, but certainly a change of pace.
In the meantime, I am not rooting for Joe Lieberman.
As for things around here, strangely quiet in the post Best Of world. A few readers will have letters in tomorrow's paper upset about the winner of a certain category and critical of us for choosing that person and there will be, as per usual, a note from me explaining WE DIDN'T CHOOSE ANY OF THE WINNERS, because it is the readers who choose them by voting. A concept strangely lost from year to year. Oh well.
And we'll have a killer cover story as well, a good investigative piece from Dan Frosch, so stay tuned. Or, I mean, stay ready.