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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

global warming & politics

Word Up! Slate's take on the connection between climate change and political geography.
Meanwhile, here in New Mexico…
it really hasn't been all that warm.
The cool and the rain makes it easier to sleep, for sure. Actually, it makes it kind of hard to get out of bed at all.
I'm taking tomorrow "off," which means I'm not coming to work, but I'll still be on KBAC in the morning with Honey, and I'll be editing the cover story. So, not off, just not here.
Next week off to Chicago, where descriptions of the heat wave have me dreading the trip. Really, it all sounds awful. We are so lucky to live here, in New Mexico, where we get a cool, rainy summer when it was supposed to be hot and dry; and where the only natural disasters we have to worry about are drought, forest fires and ones involving weapons of mass destruction.
No, seriously, we are lucky to live here.
Even though the state's web page on how to prepare for a disaster involving weapons of mass destruction looks like this.