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Monday, August 28, 2006

every day is labor day

Here's a link to a roundtable discussion in which I participated on the future of alt.weeklies. The actual roundtable was months ago. Note how prescient I was about Seattle Weekly (not that you actually needed to be Nostradamus to predict changes there, but I did make my comments in April, for what that's worth.
I woke up this morning, realized Labor Day was coming, which meant early deadlines all week. Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines !
KRS 1 was amazing. It was a really fun night. It's ridiculous and funny and wonderful how energetic he is and that he keeps putting it out there after 20 years. Actually he doesn't look like he's aging anymore. Club Alegra was pretty full, I'd guess in the 300 range, and EVERYONE was smoking and, no, I am not pitching hyperbole. Of course, their marque does say "Smokers welcome."
Sunday I went to Vanessie's for its final tea dance to benefit Southwest Cares. It was fun, albeit bizarre to see tons of barechested men dancing to house music in a dark club with pulsating lights when outside it was hot and sunny.
Speaking of sunny, yes, I returned to Darius' pool. It was awesome.
Meanwhile, on the news tip, looks like John Mark Karr won't be charged. What a fiasco.
On the non-fiasco news tip, we've got two great stories brewing for Wednesday. Cross your fingers that we don't get beat (ripped off right afterwards, yes, but not beat on the front end).