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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

posting more photos

I now have a permanent url for my flicker photo page. You can find me at:
Or, you can just click here.
Unfortunately, I've used up my entire allotment of photo memory for June at the moment, so I can't get all my AAN photos up there at the moment. Hmm. Fortunately, most of the photos I took turned out very poorly and I got a little obsessed taking video clips anyway.
One thing I forgot to mention was the Friday night return to the hotel from dinner. When we left, all was relatively quiet and hotel-like. When we got back, there was a Juneteenth celebration going on in the street, which was cool, although cooler once we knew what it was. According to The Arkansas Times (our host paper) there were gun shots fired at some point during that but, fortunately, I remained oblivious. (The Times mentions that lower in the article).
Anyway, here's some brief footage from Juneteenth, recorded as we returned to our hotel Friday night: