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Sunday, June 18, 2006

post clinton partyum

I would really like to write extensively, right now, on the Clinton talk yesterday, not to mention the rest of the AAN convention. I also have video of Clinton's talk, and Wesley Clark's talk.
However, this would mean possibly missing my flight home and/or getting on the flight without taking a shower, neither of which are really options (at least not very polite ones), so for now here's two shots, one from downtown little rock and another from the clinton talk, in which you get Clinton talking and Westword Editor Patricia Calhoun's foot. Sorry Patty! I wanted a better angle, but I didn't really want to slither along the floor like some photo-hungry politicarazzi, so I stayed put.
Needless to say, the Clinton talk was pretty great, actually really great (although I'm still irritated with myself for not trying to ask a question, particularly given that the only question askers were men. Seriously!) but my only questions were about nuclear power and I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep it short, given my propensity for long questions and overtalking.
blab blab blab.
OK, here's a few pics. More later. With any luck I'll be home by later this afternoon

clinton photo
Clinton...and Patty Calhoun's foot.