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Sunday, June 18, 2006

the modern world is a freak show

there's something ineffable and miseable about the days in which one flew in a state of total disconnectedness. No wireless, no cell phones. Just a cigarette and a drink at the bar and then another on a plane (OK, I don't really remember the latter, a bit before my time but still).
I just shot this photo at my gate on my phone, emailed it to myself, went online on my laptap via wireless to retrieve it and then posted it here. Am debating if this is better/worse or the same use of time as, say, reading People Magazine.
OK, I suppose blogging is as good a way as any to kill time in an airport. Here I am at gate 7 in dallas waiting for the plane. I signed on via tmobile so I could grab the cover story out of my email and edit it on the plane. now that's time management. too bad I can't read and drive and make better use of my 50-mile trek back to santa fe.
met an editor at AAN who said he took a month off, drove across the country, dictated one chapter of his book into a taperecorder each day and at the end of the month he'd seen the US and finished a first draft of his book.
I'd rather keep reading Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assasin on the plane, but between the driving dictating novelist and Bill Clinton, I'm feeling almost like a slacker, what with my doing one thing at a time mentality.
They're preboarding. Guess I'm next.
See you back in NM.