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Monday, June 05, 2006

it's almost here

As others have noted, the election is almost here. Tomorrow, to be exact. I plan to get some info from 89.1 FM, which will start with election coverag at 6:30 pm and feature Joe Monahan and others. Then, in the morning, I'm sure we'll talk election results with Larry and Dianne. I'm planning to take Wednesday off, but I'll be sure to be up bright and early so I can be prepared when I talk to Larry and Dianne (as I do every Wednesday morning). Then, starting at 5 pm on Wednesday, our annual summer block party begins, and it's going to be crazy off the hook exciting this year, so be sure to come down (132 E. Marcy Street) and check out all the music, food, vendors, animals, face painters, fire dancers etc.
And next week I'm off to Arkansas. Which isn't quite as much fun to write as "next week I'm off to the beach" but oh well.
This interview on NPR this morning, with the Canadian Mounted Police, about their nabbing of Canadian terrorists, was pretty interesting, perhaps more for what it didn't say. For example, NPR asked the MP how this would effect their monitoring of Canadian and non-Canadian citizens, and the MP said, (I'm paraphrasing), "we don't monitor Canadians or foreigners. We're not a police state."
Yeah, exactly.