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Thursday, June 01, 2006

in case you were wondering

there's a reason you can't breathe
we are having so many computer problems this week.
murphy's law in full effect.
30 days until bars become non-smoking
five hours until I go home and throw myself face down on the bed
Can't believe The Alibi endorsed David Pfeffer. What an embarassment. "God bless David Pfeffer." Excuse me while I hurl. Couldn't get Carraro to say anything specific? Are you joking? What won them over to Pfeffer? His goal to stop making "Christian" a dirty word? Yeah, that's an important goal for congress. Please. It's funny, usually the New Mexican's endorsements infuriate me with their stupidity, but I thought their primary ones were pretty good (and not just because they made similar picks to ours; they just felt more complete than usual and some of them actually mentioned the other candidates). Anyway, God knows we're not perfect. We had one typo in our endorsements that actually made me almost slam my door yesterday.
Ahem. Anyway. The Alibi also talks about the other candidates in the races, which I think is good and overall their endorsements were informative, although I didn't understand the bowling references, since I'm not a bowler.

Here's how the various endorsements break down for statewide races, plus US Senate, so far:

SFR: Carraro
New Mexican: McCullough
Abq Journal: Carraro
Abq Trib: Carraro
Alibi: Pfeffer

Secretary of State:

SFR: Shirley Hooper
New Mexican: Shirley Hooper
Albuquerque Journal: Mary Herrera
Abq. Tribune: Mary Herrera
Alibi: Stephanie Gonzales

Land Commissioner
SFR: Jim Baca
New Mexican: Jim Baca
Albuquerque Journal: Ray Powell
Alibi: Jim Baca

State Auditor
Everyone: Tom Buckner

SFR: Lem Martinez
New Mexican: Lem Martinez
Albuquerque Journal: Gary King
Alibi: Gary King