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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

freaking internet

I wrote a blog post this morning, but Safari quit on me before I posted it. Thus you, dear reader, should blame the Internet because there is no way I can recapture the brilliance, wit and eloquence of this morning's post. Also I don't remember what I was saying. I do remember that Safari quit when I was trying to load Ozomotli's Web site to give a shout out for Ozo before this Sunday's show, but I'm not taking that chance again. What can I say? Fort Marcy Park, Sunday, starting at 4 pm at the Fort Marcy Ballpark. You can read more about it here.
One of my favorite stories this week, perhaps of all times, is this story we had about Hattie, the pig. I am easily moved by happy stories involving animals.
What else is up for this weekend?
Thinking about a little Mix Master Mike Friday night in Albuquerque.
Definitely Ozo on Sunday.
Probably hit the Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday on the Plaza.
But the real question is: Why am I talking about the weekend when it's only Wednesday?
'Cuz that's how Julia rolls.
In the actual news, looks like Tom Ford got the go-ahead to build his monst—I mean, house.
If you missed it in March, we had a story about George Johnson's web cam pointed toward Ford's house. There's more commentary from George on Ford and other topics on his blog today.