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Friday, June 16, 2006

the clinton doublewide

Apparently the Clinton Museum is often referred to as "the doublewide." You can't tell from this picture but it does, in fact, look a bit like a big ol trailer, at least from a distance. Of course, it's a very nice building, although I, personally, hadn't expected iit to be so modern looking. Inside is as much Clinton paraphanalia as a person could ask for: handwritten speeches, old family photos, looping videos. In a way it's a little creepy, actually. It reminded me of the Jack London House I went to in northern california where there's a video of Jack London speaking that's on a repeating loop and a bunch of his stuff everywhere and almost no one is there. Of course, London is dead and it's actually his house, so that's a bit different. Anyway, it's been a long time since I heard a US president speak in complete sentences, so that was fun (and, I suppose, we will hear the real Clinton speak tomorrow). As for today, Wesley Clark is slated to start talking in half an hour, so I suppose I should put some clothes on. Thus far this conference has been a. hot and b. rushed and c. slightly missed since I had to sit in my room last night for several hours and read a cover story draft. Am going to try to not do that today if possible.
More later.

ps: the replica of the oval office was roped off (see above). I'm not sure why a replica of an oval office has to be roped off.

pps: arkansas is unhumanly hot. I have no idea how people live here.