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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

clinton bound

Yes, I'm off to Arkansas, where we'll be hearing from Clinton, Wesley Clark and Susan MacDougal. I'm on the bill as well but I'm thinking (hoping, praying) that I won't be very attended (my session, that is, not me personally obviously).
I actually almost entirely packed and cleaned up last night. Last year I left my packing to the last minute and then ran out the door without actually putting the clothes in the bag and arrived in San Diego with no clothes. So I'm trying not to repeat that debaucle.
Anyway, I'm bringing a camera and the laptop and I intend to blog from Arkansas. Of course, intentions and actions don't always meet up, but I'll try to keep you posted on the Clinton event and anything else exciting that happens.
Wish me luck, folks. I'm heading into humidity and mosquito territory, and you know we don't like that!
If you're looking for something to do tonight, check out the teen out monologues. I think they are going to be great.