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Thursday, June 29, 2006

ah, santa fe

Did you read this?
Note to self: become rich person's dog.
I wish I could get a Tibetan monk to bless me when I'm leaving the Whole Foods parking lot.
Reader comments on the New Mex' story not quite as warm and fuzzy as one might expect from Santa Fe. I will say it's not every day reader comment provoke a discussion of Jonathan Swift.
Speaking of which, you might all be surprised to know I once published a paper on Jonathan Swift, back before I became a recovering academic.
I think the new mex read our Hattie the Pig story and are trying to outcute us. At least they didn't just steal it like they did with this story, which ran 10 days before in our paper. Of course, the dailies don't call it stealing when they see our stories, re-report them and then report it as if it's brand-new news. I don't know what they call it. Just another Monday I guess.