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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6.6.06 indeed

So far day has been disastrous.

1. lost power in half the building for several hours. Had to plug the computers into working outlets with extension cords and work in the dark. Waiting for frogs to start falling through the skylights.
2. Still haven't voted since we've been behind all day. See #1.
3. Hairdresser has stomach flu and had to postpone tomorrow's haircut, which means I have to continue looking unkempt until the weekend.
4. Which means if you come to our block party tomorrow (Wed., 6.7.06) and you can't find me, just look for the hairball.
5. Sky is dark and rainy. Hope it's not dark and rainy tomorrow for Block Party.
6. Too tired to fully explain block party. Just come here betwen 5 and 9 and be prepared for food and music and more.
7. Am barbecueing tonight. Seems iffy. See #5.
8. Am off for the next two days, and was planning to log in some pool time and get hair cut. Probably screwed due to #3 and #5.
9. Am on radio in the a.m. discussing elections. Definitely must vote. Always vote and never miss a vote. Why don't I feel more excited to vote? Worst election day ever, barely got an adrenelin rush from passing campaign workers. What's wrong with me?
10. Went to hear Blackalicious last night. It was really fun. Even though it started two hours late in a club with no alcohol that wouldn't let you leave and come back in.

OK, seriously ready to get out of here.
Happy voting.