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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

sometimes it's like a jungle

I'm embarking on an annual tradition of mine called cleaning my office. It's quite awful in here. First off, it's the size of a shoebox and secondly I receive approximately 8 million pieces of paper a day. So, ya know, it's out of control. But I have to clean up before dealing with writing the May 31 endorsements for the June 6 primary. Gotta say, not looking forward to it as much as usual. There's something about this particular political season that I have found to be a real drag. Besides many of the candidates, that is.
On another note, we had a nice story today on problems at the Department of Labor. DOL Secretary Conroy Chino, used to be a tv reporter, called me when we were on deadline with the story, somewhat upset about our line of questioning, and implying that, perhaps, we weren't going about the story the right way. There is almost nothing that makes me more convinced we are, indeed, going about the story the right way than when the person who is the focus of the story tries to tell me otherwise. I could say more, but I'm trying to be more polite these days. Hence, the silence on this blog.
Other things I'm not talking about:

1. the outcry over the sexual content in SFR's newest classified column Savage Love. You know, it's a famous column by a famous writer carried in 40 other cities where people live in reality, but whatever. I mean, you don't have to read it if you don't like it and it's not as racy as The Sopranos, which is also something you look at by choice. And in every other city gay activists would be screaming at the calls we're getting to cancel this column but in Santa Fe, supposedly so gay friendly, everyone is too busy being horrified at the language. So be it.

2. The anti-smoking ordinance, which includes patios and outdoor space, even though most ordinances like this don't, just cause they can, just cause no one is going to argue, even though smoking is a legal activity, even though you can't do it in most places, even though people have a choice about whether they go and work at places with smoke. No one wants to be the pro-cancer advocate so, you know, let's just pass a law.

And these are things I'm not talking about today. Because I have evolved past having opinions.

Fumes from cleaning my office making me dizzy. Must go outside.