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Monday, May 15, 2006

rainy like monday morning

I heard one of the best debates/discussions on immigration this morning, a radio cast of a townhall in San Antonio with many well-known speakers. I would highly recommend it, as it was one of the most, if not the most, interesting and nuanced debates on this issue I've heard. You can listen to it here.
Today the march of elected officials into our office continues. As it will all week and then, with any luck, and lots of caffeine, we'll bang out our endorsement issue for the 31st. The way it works is we (the edit staff) meets, discusses, debates, decides who we'll endorse, and why, and then I write up the endorsements. Occasionally, when we can't just agree, I make the final call, although we're pretty good at reaching consensus. There's a few tough ones in the primary, and for those candidates who also will have a general election, part of our job is to figure out who will do the best in the general, not just who would make the best -fill in the blank. Of course, candidates we can't talk to don't get too much consideration, although I can count on maybe three fingers the # of candidates who haven't come in over the last six years. Mostly they do; it's kind of what you do when you're running for office, unless you just know that you don't need an endorsement, which I suppose is true for some candidates. Robert Vigil certainly didn't get one, and it didn't stop him from getting elected.
On that note, back to work. Enjoy the rain!