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Monday, May 01, 2006

monday, monday

Mario Burges picked up on our Guy Riordan and Con Alma story and runs with it today. Good reading, and so clearly the tip of the iceberg. We will keep digging. If you think you know some untapped ground for us to point our shovels at (oy, too busy for metaphors) let me know. And there's another political blogger in the New Mexico mix. No ID but is clearly not a fan of the Democrat administration here so that means it's likely, um, well it could be anybody.
One of the writers asked if we could leave a blank page where an article should be as our part of the immigration protest but I said no. He was joking. I think. Joe M has some good stuff on the immigration protest today, and also points out how boring a primary election season it's been so far. It is pretty boring so far. I'm sure when our endorsement interviews heat up it will get interesting. Heat up is the right word. We conduct all our interviews in our airless conference room, which now has two massive fans in it and yet still no air. It's kind of like a torture chamber of some sort.
OK, paper on my desk, people having questions. am going back to work.