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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the cookie, it doth crumble

Still find the mistrial in the Robert Vigil case awfully anticlimactic. Not sure, either, why a mistrial is cause for celebration for the defense, unless this means they know the case will be a mistrial next time as well. If this were an episode of The Sopranos, that lone juror would be a suspicious character. It has been difficult, not being in court, and just relying on the media reports, to really gauge how effective the prosecution has been in its case. When all you hear is salacious, r.e. videotapes etc., it's hard to believe they won't convict. Still don't get why there weren't transcripts of those tapes for the jurors to read. Life is a mystery.
Found half a smoked joint on the locker room floor of my health club last night. Turned it in at the front desk. Mostly just to amuse myself. Almost left it in lost and found, but that didn't seem quite as amusing.
We are on deadline right now. A new book arrived in the mail today called Frozen Lightning, Bill Richardson's Strike on the Political Landscape of New Mexico

The book describes itself as a history of political corruption in New Mexico. So I'm looking forward to reading it. They can sell copies at the next trial of Robert Vigil. The authorship of the book says "featuring Bill Althouse and a Thousand and One New Mexicans" so I'm not sure what that means. Bill has been an aggressive guy around here for years, and a critic of Richardson's. Wish we'd had this book a week ago—it would have been interesting fodder for tomorrow's cover story. And that's all I'm saying.