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Friday, April 28, 2006

you know you're in santa fe when

a crack of thunder sends you running out the front door to catch the rain and there are already a dozen people outside doing the same thing.
And people say there's nothing to do here. C'mon!
I went, yesterday, to a booksigning for T Cooper, which was really interesting and the book, itself, is that rare combination of being a great read and a literary read. I would highly recommend it, particularly if it stays rainy as what is nicer than curling up with a book on a rainy day? And how often do we get to do that? It's like the inverse of that Bradbury story...All Summer in a Day, where on Venus the sun only shines for an hour every seven years or something, and one girl ends up missing it. That story freaked me out when I was a kid. I should reread it and see if it still freaks me out.
Tomorrow night I'm going to Rob Wilder's booksigning at 4 pm at the Cowgirl. My bike is fixed, for TEN BUCKS at rob and charlies. I find it freaky you can get anything fixed for ten dollars. You can't even get a dog fixed for ten dollars. badabumbum (that's my drum sound for when you make a dumb joke).
I need to get online and update the Best of Santa Fe readers' poll. I really do. I'm doing it now. Watch me!
I will end this post by not mocking the Journal and The New Mexican for following our story about Riordan and never crediting us. It's fine. I'm not making snide comments. See me not making them. Watch me!
Besides, I got to say my piece on the daily papers in a recent online media survey I took; that kind of calmed me down.