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Friday, April 14, 2006

i'm still alive

but on psychic life support. One more week until an man goes to press, but every day I age about 10 years. I know I sound melodramatic but, seriously, try to imagine editing a 200 page guidebook in between editing a paper. My job normally takes 50 hours a week without an man. It's madness I tell you, utter madness.
So I'll be back and hopefully I'll have something interesting to say, but every minute I spend bitching on this blog is a minute I should have spent doing something else.
Just one quick thing r.e. the anti-smoking ban: I don't like being in a horribly smoky bar any more than anyone else. But couldn't the city council find some kind of compromise, require better ventilation or seperate smoking rooms ala Swig? Given how badly Santa Fe is suffering to rebuild its nightlife, given all the lip service council pays to local business, how is ordering businesses about what they can do helping? Couldn't they still allow smoking on patios?
I'm hungry. Sentences too hard.