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Friday, April 07, 2006

i suck

i do, but things are so psycho here I barely have time to capitalize let alone write anything. Annual Manual.. it's an unbelievable bitch. And the crazy thing is we are going to work around the clock for the next three weeks to get this thing out and then all I'll do, once it's out, is take phone calls from people pissed about something. No one ever calls and says anything positive. It's kind of fascinating. For example, when we wrote about Blue Monkey shutting down, we got one snarky letter from someone who didn't like Blue Monkey. No one wrote in to say anything good about Blue Monkey until then, then people came out of the woodwork to defend it. Yet the average person would say, why write something negative, why run something negative? How come that's the only thing people respond to? I also find it kind of weird when people are mad that we've run letters expressing points of view they don't agree with and that they think we don't agree with. Can I really only run letter I agree with? What kind of editorial policy would that be? Um, fascist? Plus I don't agree with anyone about anything anyway.
On a different note, Sheriff Greg Solano's blog war with Whitney Cheshire is kind of amusing. (Cheshire's blog doesn't have permposts that I can see, but the posts about Solano are fairly close to recent). Also a good read on the blogosphere today are Alicia Valdez Rodriguez's point by point refutations to someone who wrote to her about immigration. OK, yes, I have made a small amount of time to read other blogs today. I mean, you have to rest your eyes here and there (not that that's resting exactly).
This weekend?
Um, work.
And then some more work.
And then a little bit more work.
Although there is a martini with my name on it waiting for me after work. You gotta rest your brain sometime, right?
Have a great weekend y'all. Feel free to write me and tell me nice things. I promise you my inbox is not too full (for real; ALL of my email mysteriously disappeared a few days ago. Every single thing is gone and no one, not the computer people, or our email provider or anyone can find them. They are just gone. It's like a whole new world. Then, I went to use the microwave and one of the outlets went poof and stopped working. I feel like one of those freaky kids on the twilight zone or star trek or Children of the Corn that look at things when they're upset and accidentally blow them up.)