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Monday, March 06, 2006

where has all my monday gone?

OK, so the boy, yesterday, handed me this Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure. I should note, I suppose, that I am a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. But this gift also grew out of a conversation about a doll collection I still own, somewhere, of Madame Alexander dolls, given to my sister and I when we were kids because our paternal grandfather was the manager of the Mme Alexander factory. Some of these dolls are now, likely, worth some money, and it's been an ongoing thought of mine to a. find them and b. sell them. My sister, and mother, think this is very unsentimental of me, as did the boy. But I said I'd rather be unsentimental than be an adult with a doll collection. As I said this, it occured to me (too late) that the boy's house is filled with figurines and homies and the like. He said those are not dolls but action figures and said the reason the term action figure was invented was to find a way to sell GI Joe's to boys, since no one thought boys would play with dolls.
Anyway, that's why this action figure is now in my office.
Tomorrow is the city election; feeling the usual pre-election anticipation. Have agreed to go on the radio Wednesday morning (94.7 FM I believe) and chat about it all. I'm not very chatty (or lucid) at 7 am, but thanks to technology I can do all this on my cell phone from my bed.
My car is in the shop AGAIN. Electrical problems. AGAIN. The 5 year warranty means it's all free to fix but that's small consolation for the inconvenience. Planned on taking a bus home but decided would mooch off friends instead.