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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

that's all folks, maybe

OK! We've got our post-election story up online now, along with the preliminary results from last night. Dan and Nate, our staff writers, ran around to parties and called into me from the "field" as the night progressed. I watched Channel 16 for results, which was pretty much worthless, but KSFR did a good job keeping on top of the numbers. It's amazing how much quicker results are found in the field than they were coming across on TV last night. This morning I talked on The New Talk about the results at about 7:30 am. It was slightly amusing (to me) because if I hadn't managed to drag my dogs inside I would have conducted the entire interview from the field outside my house (that's a real field, not the kind that needs to be in quotes).
It will be interesting to see what happens in District 4—a five-vote margin is pretty remarkable, so a recount wouldn't shock me, depending on what happens in the canvass. But it's good to see newcomers can come in, not have much money, and do that well against a tough incumbent. All around, a pretty interesting election with more than a few surprises to me. Well, now that it's snowing, I better get to work on Spring Guide which publishes this week. I am now down two cars. My car is still in the shop and the boy's car, which I've been borrowing, has a dead battery. Bad CARMA, or what?