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Friday, March 17, 2006

tgif indeed

Lord I'm dragging this week. Dan and Jonanna keep poking their heads in my office and lecturing me on my eating habits, which they see as connected to what is now being characterized as my sickliness. It is true I have not had lunch yet. I seem to lack imagination about what to eat on a daily basis. It's so tedious, really. Anyway…
Be sure to check out this New York Times story co-authored by SFR's Dan Frosch on Cloudcroft Sgt. Billy Anders. It's a compelling read and a very sad story.
Speaking of compelling, sad stories, I'm hightailing it to The Lensic this weekend to see Godfather 1 and 2. Well, at least one of them. I love it when The Lensic has movies. Love it.
Tonight I'm probably going to go to Bedrock, the new dance party at The Lodge (used to be the Radisson) where DJ Javier Natureboy and Feathericci are spinning and there's no cover before 10 pm. If I can go, you can go because I mostly just want to climb into my bed. I think I have sleeping sickness. This is not just because I haven't had lunch for Cripes sake.
Ahem. On another note, I'm doing quite well on my office basketball pool, particularly given that I guessed wildly and randomly and mostly based on my personal feelings about the states versus feeling about the teams.
OK, I guess I better go find lunch now. Have a great weekend.